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Perhaps that path is the one that leads to the undivided unity of the Sun energy in which all competing forces become equalised, harmonised and joined in the ever greater totality of creative force. That is the function of the Sun and of each and every other star for that matter. Every star in the heavens has a unique set of qualities. There are no two similar stars just like there are not two humans with identical fingerprints.

Each star expresses its quality via its light that is the carrier of astral energies that are projected across vast interstellar spaces. Humans have a different reference system, the one that is defined by the Sun and its energetic profile. Yet, observing the fixed stars is something that the ancients did a lot and they came up with a system that allows to approximately translate distant stellar energies into familiar principles of the Solar System.

The ancient observers noticed that different areas of the sky exhibit markedly different influence. Certain fixed stars seemed to form a group with some uniform qualities. Thus the idea of constellations and their mythological associations. Constellations have an astrological influence of their own.

It has been noted that the most influential constellations will be those where:. Note that the constellations should not be confused with the Zodiac signs. The twelve ecliptic constellations and the twelve Zodiac signs are of different nature and require different astrological interpretation.

Constellations can be easily observed while the Zodiac signs are purely mathematical in nature and only exist in our imagination. To complicate things even further, there are two Zodiac types, one is equinox-aligned and another is star-aligned. For the purposes of this story we will not venture into constellations any further and will return back to the astrology of the fixed stars.

And since the fixed stars, when observed from the Earth, are point-like objects on the celestial sphere, their influences are of very precise and focused nature, not unlike a laser beam of light. If we were to compare the influence of the planets of the Solar System to the influence of the fixed stars, a good analogy would be to see the planetary energies akin to a cocktail of fluid ingredients that develop slowly and gradually with time.

Actions of the fixed stars are more akin to a sharp and precisely timed caffeine shot. A star acts like so:.

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There is a difference from a caffeine analogy, though. The initial extreme of a fixed star influence can be of any kind, it can be either luck or a complete disaster. While we may never be able to fully decipher the astrology of the remote stars, we can certainly build some parallels between the nature of the star and the world we live in, meaning the familiar planets of our Solar System. Most of our current astrological knowledge about the fixed stars rests on the works of Ptolemy, an ancient astrologer who lived in Alexandria during years AD — , approximately of course.

Note that the order of planets does matter. The first planet signifies the dominant energy followed by modifying additional qualities of other planets.

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The example above can be further expanded into:. Using the example of Betelgeuse, its dominant Mars — that can express itself as overly direct and headstrong — receives a modifying influence of Mercury which brings the sense of relativity, ability to embrace both sides of conflict and youthful curiosity.

The table below shows those alternative descriptions. This is only possible if one is actually observing the night skies with one own eyes — something that the ancient were perfectly capable of. The modern astrological knowledge is often lacking a direct experience and thus prone to cliches and oversimplifications. Thus our advice to the aspiring astrologer — never hesitate to spend time observing the celestial bodies and stars. The fixed stars predominantly work through their aspects with the planets.

It may be a good hint to look at the influence of the fixed stars! The important principle is that the stars emphasise qualities of the planets rather than dictate energies of their own. Remember that each star speaks a very different language that may not make much sense in the context of the Solar System.

The Fixed Stars and Astrology

The table below is a quick reference to alternative astrological sources:. To a planet that is conjunct to this star, Spica will add a strong Venusian influence with some addition of either fiery Marsian energies or expansive and oscillating Jupiter-Mercury flavour. Notice that a planet with similar nature to the star primary influence will receive a very significant extra boost. The Venusian qualities will achieve some truly thunderous proportions, both for good and for bad, as it always happens in astrology.

Using the classical interpretation of Spica influence:. Spica gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence. Notice how the description encompasses both extremes — highs and lows, a very typical profile for any fixed star influence. The stars also point at your resonance with others , especially in cases when the Moon is conjunct to a fixed star.

Using an example of a Moon — Spica conjunction:. Both luck and failure have more to do with the fixed stars that with any of the planets. When it comes to analysing the influence of the fixed stars on the planets, there are two primary factors to look for in a chart:.

If we now depart from individual planets and take a look at the chart as a whole, we could intuit that the stars that rise above the horizon are an extremely powerful indicators of the overall stellar influence on the chart. When modern mind reads works by Ptolemy and other pillars of classical astrological thought, we most likely smile at certain descriptions like blindness and problems with the Church and numerous other archaic problems. Take those indications into perspective, bring modern touch to their symbolism: blindness becomes lack of creative insight and outright ignorance, trouble with the Church may signify conflicts with the government and the corporations in general, especially the latter as they could be seen as the forces that are working hard at indoctrinating their agenda and replacing the fading establishment of the Church.

This brings us back to the core Buddhist idea of the Middle Way, the balance that every individual can achieve in the constant pursuit of self-improvement. Regulus is your start! It indicates you are a natural born leader and inspirer, you will gain much respect and authority in life! Honours and Popularity. Very influential and powerful person with many friends. Oprah has this one! Spica 24 degrees in Libra Born from 16th till 20th of October?

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Or Ascendant or Moon at 22 to 27 degrees Libra. The Star Spics is affecting your Fate, Spica is considered the most auspicious star in the sky! It brings unbounded good fortune, happiness, unexpected honour or advancement beyond native's hopes or capacity, wealth. The only requirement is that the person does not use this blessing for selfish purposes. If so, mediocre results. Then the Star Gemma is affecting your fate.

It gives liking for literature, art and science, artistic talents and also success in trade and commerce. Often can make one given to much pleasures and sensual pursuits, even affairs. Antares 10 Degrees in Sagittarius Born from 1st till 4th of December? Or have Ascendant from 8 to 12 degrees in Sagittarius? The Star Antares is affecting your Fate. Antares gives mental alertness, strategic ability and courage and makes dare-devils rebels, belligerent attitudes, etc. It can give rise in life, but also danger from violence and accidents.

Fixed Star Rigel, star of great wealth

The person is often more secretive and private but very penetrating! The star Rukbat is affecting your fate! It is a wealth star, so it gives the potential to create and amass big material fortunes. The Star Altair from the constellation of the Eagle. Such a person will have strong influence overs other and be a natural leader. With an generous but indomitable character, full of big ambitions, imagination and keen penetrating mind. One can achieve high positions of command.

Sudden but often short lasting wealth. Gives psychic, occult and ancient knowledge skills. Fomalhaut 2 to 6 degrees in Pisces Born from 21st till 25th of February or Ascendant or Moon at 2 to 6 degrees in Pisces. You have the Star Fomalhaut, one of the luckiest and most auspicious stars. It can bring wealth and honors in life. It grants great artistic and literary talents and can bring even fame. As long as one is more spiritually minded, they can achieve a lot, but if doing everything for selfish reasons, the fall from grace can be huge!

Can change focus in life from material to spiritual pursuits. Thanks x 7. Oct 23, 3. I have Algol in my chart Thanks x 1. Oct 23, 4.

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Oct 23, 5. Oct 23, 6. Oct 23, 7. My birth star is Aldebaran by the way. Aldebaran: 2. Thanks x 2 LOL! Oct 23, 8. Oct 23, 9. Oct 23, Thanks x 3. She didnt mention that planet but I wonder if that matters at all. Um I have aldebaran square my sun and Algol square my moon. This is for my Vedic chart. Sad x 1. I have Algol conjunct my Sun.

Alrighty then. Acamar conjunct MC Other fixed star conjunctions Galactic Center conjunct my vertex. Starchild, bishes! I never really bothered with the Fixed Stars because everything with it was just terrible, like everything was like death or something and I'm sitting here like what??? Yeah fatalism is awful, I'm good But this does explain some missing components to my path. Make sense why I have Saturn in the 2nd house to force me to not be reckless with it.

Also it makes sense why money is just not my interest, it really isn't. Helping others is what I like to do, it's fun and brings light to the world. This is a nice thread OP!

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The Moon is also my 6th house ruler, so again it's like reinforced by my chart. So as long as I pick the right path, doors will become open. Which goes along with life path 8, the universal number of karma. Every action has a response that can lead further somewhere or back down where you came. I think these are past lives gifts tbh, I think a lot of my previous lives made up a lot for one life that had mental anguish crown chakra issues did.

I think I was possibly a Saint in most of them to pay off that severe karma. Thanks x 2. Where on Astro.

http://neobrain2019.xtage.com.br/7771.php Oct 24, My ascendant is conjunct Gemma.