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Every new moon and full moon tells a story, as we work our way around the chart to learn more of the cosmic message, written in the stars….

Monthly Horoscope Libra February 12222

In February, the new moon falls in line with Lunar New Year, a major new beginning in eastern culture — read your Chinese Horoscope for the year of the pig, here! The ruler of the new moon is Uranus, which is completing its eight year tour of Aries. Mars is closing in on the planet of spontaneity, rebellion and change, and the two will meet on Valentines Day — an explosive and dynamic moment! The new moon could be an important moment that helps us see the next steps of the journey, innovative solutions beyond present circumstances….

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Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder. She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars. The sun will be in the sign Aquarius through February 18th. It will be forming a positive trine, so you will receive lots of impulses and stimulation for your everyday life to make things easier.

You will feel balanced and healthy and will enjoy an increase in vitality and ambition.

Libra Horoscope

Mars , the planet of energy and representative of male sexuality, will be in Aries through February 14th. Now is the time the planet will exercise its full power and send impetuosity and sexual vitality to Libras.

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Libras male and female alike make no concessions in terms of love. They will attempt to assert their interests at any cost. Mars will feel the effects in men and women alike; after all, everyone has both the masculine energy of Mars and the feminine love of Venus within themselves.

Libra Horoscope - Daily for February 4,

Jupiter, the planet of luck will continue to impact your life with a positive sextile aspect through December 2nd, a positive development. You will feel good and want to enjoy life.

You will not feel much interest in being active, even though you will have plenty of energy. Nevertheless, you may enjoy the fruits of former labors; after all, Jupiter the planet of luck is still in play. Saturn , unfortunately, will be impacting your life from a square aspect and you will probably continue to focus delays and obstacles. Mercury , the planet of understanding, will be in Aquarius and forming a favorable trine from which the planet will have a positive impact on your life.

Your thoughts will be clear, as will your speech and writing, and your mind will be working perfectly. This is a great time for business deals. It will encourage you to consider whether you need to make any changes in your career. Venus will be in Sagittarius for the first three months of the year and in an excellent position, after which it will move into Capricorn.

There it will be in a square position which will demand caution. However, Mars will have a very strong influence on Libras this month.

Monthly Horoscope Libra February 12222

Anything is possible in terms of love, and Libras can decide how far they want the planet to go. Premium Horoscopes. Read More.

Libra Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope February 25 - March 4 2019

Yearly Horoscope Libra Libra January Libras will start the new year strengthened by Mars and Jupiter, wh Libra February February will be dominated by the male energy of Mars. Libras will Libra March Through much empathy and action, Libras make progress in relationsh Libra April Sturdy and with a strong determination will start Libras in April, Libra May Let your truth shine, Libra love. You may end up falling head over heels during your morning commute, at the laundromat, or in the middle of grocery shopping.

On Monday, February 18 , Chiron — the comet of the wounded warrior — moves into Aries, your opposite sign. When the sun moves into Pisces on Monday, February 18 , love will pop up in the most unexpected places.

ns2.rootguards.com/zexor-buscar-chicos-para.php This will prove to be especially critical on Tuesday, February 19 , when a full moon in Virgo electrifies your chart, bringing your attention to all that exists beneath the cracks.