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In both books, paragraphs are numbered, but the numbering in the two editions do not match. The editon makes copious use of glyphs. Italics in the are dropped in Indents are not respected, lines tend to run on. Various minor typos have crept in. The will sometimes delineate a chart, give its data, but not show the chart itself. An example: , paragraph , Absconded Mother, Dead or Alive, pg. PM, The querent's mother was found drowned; her mind at times was insane.

Electional Astrology

Grant has also seen fit to include Pluto, and to second-guess in parenthesis, as promised where it suits. This meddling dates his work. Story's original had a useful index but the Absconded Mother was not in it. The AFA has a very detailed table of contents which, in setting out the Table of Contents, above, I ignored, it ran to more than entries , but as the TOC is in order of appearance, it is not much help in navigating the book. While I'm on the subject of gripes, the AFA has taken lately to publishing books in a cumbersome 7. This is another one of them.

All that aside, this is an enormously useful book. The basic point of view is Lilly; there are, if I am not mistaken, tables taken directly from Lilly presuming they were original to Lilly himself. AFA, pages. Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars would you give this book? Tell us! Introduction: general rules in electional astrology; 2. The moon in electional astrology; 5. Comment : The introductory chapters are an excellent overview of the subject.

Included, for the first time I can remember, a rule for lunar occultations eg, when the moon eclipses a planet : Occultations prevent you from getting the full benefit of the planet occulted. The cookbook section updates Robson. Hampar does not cover as many subjects as Robson, but for the ones she has, she gives far more details, including sample charts. Hampar treats electional astrology in ways similar to that given horary astrology, eg, she gives the key to finding one's own rules.

A very good book. Llewellyn, pages. The planets 3. The houses: Turning the chart. The axes: , , , , , 4. The satellite 5.

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Planetary hours 8. Divisions of the ecliptic 9. Collection Sorting out the jumble Perfecting the matter Antiscia Fixed stars The Part of Fortune Regarding specific questions Partnership questions: Shall we stay together?

Will my wife come back to me? A husband asks about his marriage. Will I ever go off with my lover? Will anything come of this love affair? Is this the right time to separate? Will my husband ever go? Questions concerning things lost or mislaid: Where is Max the cat? Blackberry the rabbit. Where is Teddy? Where is Chloe? Where are my spectacles?

Where is my front door key? Miscellaneous questions: Will we get the house? Shall I buy the house?

Will I make money at this professional job? Shall I go to Australia? Where is Ann Lock? I have fallen in love with a Bentley. The Herald of Free Enterprise. Is AIDS a man-made disease? Part 3: Mundane: An introduction to mundane astrology Egypt The houses in history A complete guide to this complex, arcane, little-known - but valuable - corner of astrology.

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The planets 2. The houses 3. Planetary sect 5. Reception 9. Almuten Signification Considerations before judgement The question Planetary testimony preceding judgement The possibility of the matter propounded Fifth house matters: Pregnancy This book, as the title suggests, is an expanded re-write, on steroids, of Barclay's Horary Astrology Rediscovered.

Electional Astrology using Classical/Traditional Methods

It has much the same organization as Barclay's book: All the many details are given in the first section. Chart examples, which is to say, Questions answered, are given in the second section. Notably, as you will see from the list of contents above, they are not comprehensive. This, also, was true of Barclay's book. Get this book if you've reached the end of your studies but are frustrated with difficult-to-read charts. All done by hand, or photocopied from R. Ramsey Wright's typescript.

I myself published a fully reset version of Lilly , as well as a fully reset version of Al Biruni , both of which are known to the publisher, if not the author herself. I would glady have made pdfs available, if I had been asked. In the first section Dunn reprints many of Lilly's original woodblock charts as examples, though without modern renderings as an aid. These ornate charts are difficult to read, unless you take the time to copy them out, by hand. In the second section, questions answered, charts computer drawn are according to the zodiac.

The author is widely known in the UK. Combined with her QHP coursework, this is a busy woman. You can therefore visualize the report, print it or save it in a PDF format. Get your Birth Chart Rectification. Transits are the so called passages of the celestial bodies through the signs of the zodiac. In fact the planets are not static like in the natal chart but they continuously move at different speed. For instance the Moon returns to the same position almost every 28 days, the Sun every days, Mars every days, Jupiter every 12 years , Saturn every 29 and a half years.

The slower planets called transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto complete their cycles respectively every 84, and years. The conjunction can be either easy or challenging depending on the planets involved. Get your Transits. Thanks for your payment. Below you will find a diagram that will explain you how to do it in an easy way. An original idea for a birthday present different from the usual ones! This is not to say that a business begun when the Moon is waning is doomed to fail, by all means.

However, those businesses begun when the Moon is increasing in light have a better chance of longevity, presuming all things are equal. Ideally, its inception occurs when the Moon applies to a sextile to the Sun or a trine to the Sun.


A Homeowner’s “Sell or Stay” Quandry – Wade Caves – Astrologer

The applying sextile generally occurs about 5 days after the New Moon, and the applying trine generally occurs about 10 days after the New Moon. This is certainly more technical. Void-of-course Moon periods should be avoided. We have tables for these periods here. If the Moon trines Mercury, the head and the heart of the business are in harmony. Remember that the Moon is in some ways the heart of the business, but the Moon also rules the publicity of the business or project—how well it is received and supported.

Ten (Plus One) Ways to Use Astrology in Your Life: The Art of Timing

Not quite as important, but something that can be factored in, is the sign position of the Moon. Of the three, Taurus is more fruitful. The planet that rules the type of business should be well-positioned. Neptune, which rules many of the healing arts, should also be well-aspected. The Moon is void until AM on the 1st. At that point it enters Aquarius, which is a good fit for the type of business.

The last applying aspect the Moon makes before leaving the sign of Aquarius happens on Jan.

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So far so good. However, we see that the Moon forms an opposition to Saturn late night on the 1st, and a square to Mars in the wee hours of the 2nd. The square to Jupiter is also somewhat unfavorable. This is good, but not fantastic, especially since Mercury will be in the last degree a critical degree of Sagittarius at this time. When the Moon is in Pisces, however, we have much more favorable conditions.

If we were to time the launch for the afternoon of the 3rd, the Moon would apply to a conjunction with Uranus, a sextile to Mars, a trine to Jupiter, a sextile to the Sun, a square to Pluto , and, finally, a sextile to Venus before changing signs to Aries on the 5th.

Electional Astrology part 1

The Sun would be sextile to Jupiter, which is an excellent aspect for any business. Nevertheless, this date is the best we can find so far.